Merlin is the tiny wizard-warrior my husband Keith found dragging himself on the street in traffic one day. 

He stopped to help this scared and muddy baby, and the rest is history. 

We got him the best veterinary care a cat could ever need, thanks to the help of our entire community online.

We found out that he had been injured as a tiny kitten, and since those injuries healed without treatment, his nerve damage is permanent. However, this does not stop him from living life to it's fullest! Dragging his back legs he climbs, and runs, and acts much like any other cat. 

He's playful, and happy, and unlike any other cat we have loved. 

Merlin lives with five humans, three big brother cats and three rats in Jonesborough TN.

You will often see him at our studios in downtown Johnson City, because he travels wherever we go for the most part since he can not go to the bathroom without assistance.

He's a local celebrity now, charming people and winning hearts with his indomitable spirit and long whiskers! You can follow him on Instagram or Facebook under "Wizard Cat Merlin".

Keith wrote: 

"This little guy came into our lives in a very unexpected way. I was heading to pick up my daughter from work when I saw what appeared to be a wild animal in the street. I couldn’t tell what it was, but I could tell that it was injured. I stopped the car in the middle of the street and got out to see if I could help. You should have seen him. He looked like a drowned rat. It wasn’t until he started making noise that I even realized that this little thing under my car was a cat.

After a couple of minutes of coaxing, this little guy pulled himself out from under the car, hauled himself over to me, and tried to crawl up into my lap. He was so small and so helpless… my heart melted on the spot. I didn’t know if there was anything I could do, but I knew I had to try.'