The Serenity project is a labor of love that is going international. We are thrilled to partner with a generous corporation to bring attention to metastatic breast cancer survivors.

This project will feature 15 participants who are living with metastatic breast cancer. Each of them will be flown to our region on an all-expense paid trip, for the purpose of creating unique art spotlighting their stories.

They will be bodypainted with waterproof paint, then taken to local pools for an underwater shoot. The art will be used in conjunction with their stories and shared with the world, including a gallery showing of all art and opening reception in New York City.

Director Beth Fairchild is a mover and shaker in the metastatic world, changing dialogue and treatment options through advocacy, public speaking, and a variety of other events and projects.

My husband Keith lost his former wife Serenity to metastatic breast cancer in 2010, and I lost my mother to this devastating disease in 2002. This project is very personal to both of us for this, and many other reasons. 

Production of The Serenity Project begins in April of 2017 and we hope to update frequently via social media and the blog. We will share behind-the-scenes when possible. Join us for a journey of beauty, advocacy, storytelling, and truth-telling through unique art. We are so excited to share this project with you as it unfolds, along with stories of survivors. 

Right here in the mountains of Appalachia, we are creating art to inspire, spark new dialogue, and educate. Thank you for being here.