Because I am an on-location artist, I do not have regular retail hours at this time. What I can promise you, is that in place of immediate convenience, I can offer personalized attention, excellence in education, and a comforting environment that is low-volume and enjoyable. The best way to purchase products is to text me to check on studio hours, or make an appointment for a consult or lesson. 423-202-1111




Faces by Ren is proud to feature three brands with the highest quality ingredients:

Serenity + Scott cosmetics; paraben/gluten/cruelty free products, designed with rich pigmentation and made in the USA.

"East coast meets West coast, classic meets free, in an epic love story…A love of people, a love for the city of Asheville in the mountains of North Carolina and a love for diverse beauty. SERENITY+SCOTT is the culmination of years of experience, love and the desire to help others find their own true style. This inspiring duo has personally developed a line of cosmetics designed to help you find your own version of gorgeous."

This is a full line of color cosmetics and professional brushes, including foundation, powder, blush, eyeshadows, primer, mascara, bronzers etc....


Mountains to Sea products produced in Asheville NC!

Skincare from the best source; nature.
"We believe that good health is beautiful and attractive! The skin is the largest organ of the body. When our skin is healthy it acts as our primary immune barrier protecting the health of the body, it gives sensory feedback from millions of nerve endings affecting our overall well being and emotional state and gives us a beautiful and radiant appearance."

I carry all four of their products here at the studio now; Helichrysum + Rose age defying lotion, Peppermint + Myrtle salt scrub, Calendula + Lemon Balm healing lotion stick, Rosemary + Vetiver body lotion. 

This is not a full skin care line. These are products that pair brilliantly with your usual skin care to enhance and boost the healthiness and radiance of your skin.


the balm.jpg

                               Just arrived! theBalm Cosmetics!

theBalm Cosmetics boasts a complete line of makeup, skin care, hair care and nail polish. With a "beauty in five minutes" philosophy, theBalm's multi-use, mega fabulous products have become its calling card, offering quick fixes and wondrous solutions for a wide range of beauty wants and needs. The company's wearable colors and fantastic formulas allow women to release their inner artist so they can look and feel fabulous.