Cable Photography



                                                      “Expanding our definition of beauty, one face at at time.”

You are unique.

I want you to see yourself without all the filters society has put over our eyes. With all your perfect imperfections. With your own beauty, expressed only the way you can express it.

As a makeup artist I promise to:

  • Listen to your needs.

  • Use my skills and expertise to reveal the glamorous face you want to show the world.

  • Educate you on how to use cosmetics in ways that reflect your personality and preferences.

  • Use the highest quality, long-wear, photo-friendly products.

My goal is to collaborate with my clients, to create looks that make them feel perfectly comfortable in their own skin whether it is a “no-makeup” look or over-the-top glamour.

I want you to feel like your best self. Wearing makeup that reflects what you need for an event, a daily routine, or a photo/video shoot.

My job is to translate your desires into wearable looks, not dictate my personal tastes, though I’m happy to share that as well.

As I like to remind my clients; I may be the expert on makeup, but you are the expert on your own face.

Makeup is our most versatile accessory and I intend to spend my time exploring the ways we can use makeup to transform, make statements, and empower one another. YES, makeup can be empowerment. Just as not wearing makeup can be empowerment as well. It's about using these tools and techniques for your own purposes, and in your own way.

"Today I see beauty everywhere I go, in every face I see, in every single soul."

                                                                 ~Kevyn Aucoin


  • Bridal/wedding makeup;  My goal is for you to look like the most polished and glamorous version of YOU. Makeup should look fabulous up close, from a distance, as well as for photography and HD video purposes. It should make you feel your absolute best. It should wear for many, many hours and look fresh, even in our humid summers.

  • Commercial; I provide hair, makeup, and wardrobe services for ad campaigns, commercials, and company head shots. Having a skilled makeup artist on staff means less time editing and the ability to trust that your talent will look their best.

  • Short Film; I offer a variety of skills that can be useful for film work. Scars, wounds, face/bodypaint, makeup, hair, and wardrobe services that look great on screen.

  • Special event; for proms, galas, anniversaries, or any other special event in life, having your makeup applied helps you look glamorous for all occasions. Long-wearing, lightweight, and customized to your personal style.

  • Airbrush; airbrush is my specialty! It provides the longest wearing, lightest weight foundation possible, that is HD and photo friendly. 

  • Bodypainting; I work in both with brush and sponge, as well as airbrush techniques. My specialty is waterproof bodypaintings for underwater photo shoots. I compete at the North American championships each year and currently hold the title for UV bodypainting in North America.

  • Classes/education; I offer shorter evening classes, to full week intensives for all skill levels. Whether you just want to learn how to apply eyeshadow or you intend to make a career of your talent, I can help take your skills to the next level. Classes are offered more regularly in the fall/winter.

  • Private lessons; One-one-one education tailored for exactly what you need to learn! Bring your tools and products, and we will spend time helping your refine your kit, learn new techniques, and help you leave with higher confidence in your skill set.

  • On-location services; I offer both studio sessions and on-locations services, depending on your needs and the services you are purchasing.