Glamour for a cause is one of the ways I have decided to give back to the community. It is so important for each of us to do what we can, even with our businesses. There are may wonderful groups helping our fellow humans and making Johnson City a better place to live. I'm proud to support these groups.

Each month, a special price on one of my services will be offered and a portion of the proceeds will benefit a local charity of my choice. 

March of 2017 benefited PFLAG of the Tricities;
My 75.00 makeup application which includes airbrush foundation and false
lashes was priced at 35.00 with 10.00 of each going to PFLAG.

April of 2017 benefited One Acre Cafe;
Facepainting is the service for this month, so it will be fun for kids too.
Suggested donations of 5.00-20.00 with 50% of proceeds benefiting the cafe.

May and June were super crazy with both the Serenity Project and the Serafina film, plus weddings and prom. I'm back at it now! 

July will benefit the Unicoi County animal shelter and they will have pets on hand for adoption. This will be a "Wizard Cat Merlin" themed event with facepainting, cat themed everything, and Merlin paw print mugs for sale. July 7th from 1-8pm. More details on the Faces by Ren Facebook page.

To keep up with the offering for each month, and which charity it will benefit, please check the Faces by Ren Facebook page under "events" where I will post times and all details, or on my blog here.

These events are a lot of fun and generate enthusiasm for work I believe in. I hope you'll join the fun!

Any and all donations given on to the below link, will be donated to the recipient of the cause for that entire month. 


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