“One should either wear a work of art, or be a work of art.” 
-Oscar Wilde

Transient talismans for the human canvas.

I have been completely, utterly enamored of body painting since I saw my first book of images in 2004.

I paint to change people’s inner dialogue about their image, to connect, to express, to honor transitions, scars, and beauty.

Every time I paint someone, it is in a spirit of collaboration. It is an act of courage to be painted, to be vulnerable and empowered. To bare ourselves and peel back the veneer of everyday life.

Bodypaint often shifts our vision. Breaks up what we are seeing every day in the mirror and the stories that so often define our self image.  Becoming a work of art is to overlay the inner self onto the surface of the skin. Once we “see” differently, we are forever changed in some way.

I see the body as a landscape, telling our stories and the myriad ways this physical form interacts with the world around us. Being painted is one way to pause and pay homage to this form that carries us from womb to tomb.

Whatever canvas I approach, it is done with a desire to share the human experience.  A desire to share the fleeting, with other temporary earth dwellers. These transient talismans have lasting impact for those who choose to embrace the journey.

The paint masks our insecurities, it reveals the deepest, most powerful parts of self. These transient talismans, leave indelible imprints.

We are art.

We are worthy.

We deserve to be seen and cherished.

Our skin is the container for magic and upon it there are stories to be told.

My warm and comfy studio is brimming with tea, music, conversation and color. We welcome you to join us in this ultimate act of creative expression!