Bodypainting; Transient Talismans for the human canvas

All packages, other than face painting, include:

  • A consultation (in person or via email/phone) to discuss your design and plan the art. I do these long distance frequently as many of my commissions come from out of our area.
  • The personalized bodypainting experience in my studio. Unlimited tea, music, and conversation as needed (or not). 
  • Your photo shoot with Keith Dixon Studios, plus five edited images for personal use.

I book these not only locally, but in multiple locations in the US. Meet me somewhere tropical, book one in our appalachian mountain region, or meet me on one of our regional tours.

For more examples of bodypainting designs, please check my Bodypainting Gallery.

Face/neck/arm designs 375.00

These are a lot of fun for unique photo shoots, or to celebrate a special day/event.

Torso 575.00

Face/chest/front and back; These make wonderful works of art, without as much commitment.

Maternity 575.00

An incredibly unique way to commemorate the birth of a baby. You can choose to have full upper body/face painted or just the baby bump.

Full Body 850.00

The ultimate artistic experience. A transient talisman designed around your story. Shift your vision. Become a work of art. This is your invitation to spend the day with me and create a one-of-a-kind painting.

Underwater bodypainting experience 1250.00

The full body experience, taken underwater! One of the most unusual and stunning forms of art currently available anywhere. It is definitely important to be comfortable underwater for this adventure, but we spend time coaching and assisting for the best possible outcome. You can see the work of underwater photographer Keith Dixon at his website. We welcome you to dive in.....


Facepainting/Live Bodypainting demonstrations

Face Paintings; Starting at 25.00

For party or corporate events, starting at 250.00

Live bodypainting for events, starting at 350.00

I do not facepaint at festival booths, but I would be happy to refer one of our highly qualified facepainters from the body art guild if you are looking for someone.

Please fill out form below if you are interested in booking your bodypainting experience with us. I look forward to hearing from you!

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