What products do you use for bodypainting?

I use only the highest quality, cosmetic grade products on your skin. Brands like Cameleon, Pro-Aiir, Mehron, Fab, and Kryolan, are the most common in my kit. I will not use any products that are not tested for cosmetic use on human skin. Please be wary of anyone using Acrylics or other products NOT tested for use on skin. Non-toxic means for intended use only and does not imply safety on skin. Professional body painters care about your safety and comfort and should only use products with approved ingredients.

I would love to volunteer as a model, how can I do that?

If you are interested in volunteering as a bodypainting model, here are the criteria:

For In-Studio work; you MUST be 100% comfortable with nudity, at least 18 years of age, and willing to sign a model release giving Faces by Ren and Keith Dixon Studios full rights to all images for any publication or use of images. Images will be used in social media, advertising, and promotional work as well as possibly being sold as fine art prints.
All sizes, cultures, genders, and shapes welcome to volunteer. Volunteers are not guaranteed they will be utilized, but we keep an interest list and will contact you if a project comes available that fits you.

For public events and competition; Must be comfortable being on stage, in the media, and viewed by the public wearing only pasties and thong. Thong-only for male models, no pasties. Must be comfortable in photos, willing to be photographed by attendees and able to stand for many hours, often 7-10 hour stretches without many breaks. Physically fit individuals only, as the demands on the body are challenging for even the most capable. Performers encouraged to apply, as bodypainting for the public works exceptionally well with performing arts.

For in-studio practice sessions; Occasionally I need volunteers to practice an idea on, for competition or learning. You will not necessarily end up with any useable photos, but the experience is fun and the demands on your time are much less. Practice sessions usually run from 2-5 hours at a time. Also, must be comfortable with nudity and 18 years of age or older.

A state issued, photo ID will be required at the time you sign a model release or you can not be painted.

I organize a local Body Art Guild and can share the model volunteer list with other painters as well, for expanded opportunities if you desire.

Keep in mind that being listed as a volunteer does not guarantee use on any project. All volunteers are expected to arrive on time if scheduled for a project, or contact us in an emergency. Volunteer models are painted in designs of the artist’s choice. If you have a design idea that you want painted, it is better to commission a piece rather than volunteer.

How do I schedule a bodypainting for myself?

That’s easy!
Contact Ren, at facesbyren@gmail.com to talk about scheduling your session. 1/2 deposit is required, and non-refundable. Balance is due on the day of your painting. We will collaborate on your design ahead of time, so that you will love the art on your skin. If you don’t have any clear ideas, I have a series of questions I’ll ask in order to better understand what you might love to see painted. So whether you have a very clear design idea, or just a desire to get painted, I will work with you to create a one-of-a-kind, living design that you will enjoy for years to come even though it is washed off that evening!

Does the paint wash off easily?

Many of my paints are water soluble, and wash off with ease. Some of my paints are a hybrid airbrush paint that is waterproof (used in underwater bodypaintings, and for events that require long wear) and if we use those, removal takes a little more effort. See below for tips on removal.

How do you wash the paint off?

For water based cakes; rub liquid soap all over the skin before showering, then rinse and scrub under warm water. 
For alcohol/hybrid paints; also rub liquid soap on skin before showering, and after first round of rinsing, check for paint that is still remaining. A bit of Coconut oil, and hydrating body wash will usually get the remainder. If paint is still stubborn, rub with coconut oil before bed and remove remaining paint in the morning.

Occasionally, certain colors can stain the skin. Moisturize well before bed and most of the staining will fade off with the next shower. It is usually gone without any effort within a couple of days.

How long does a bodypainting take?

That will totally depend on the design and how much skin is being covered. Most torso paintings take 2-3 hours, and full body 4-6. We stop for food breaks and stretching as needed. Models are often able to sit for parts of the painting process. It’s an enjoyable day and most people find the paintbrushes soothing on their skin.

Who takes the photographs?

Keith Dixon of Keith Dixon Studios is responsible for all photography included in my package prices. We are a married couple, working together in a joined studio space. His incredible skills as a photographer, combined with a warm and gentle presence makes him a fabulous complement to my bodypaintings. If you would like to hire me for bodypainting only, with a photographer of your choice, please write me for a quote on your project at facesbyren@gmail.com

What about privacy?

We lock the doors at our studio during your session and only myself and Keith are present. We keep comfy robes at the studio if you want to sit and be covered during breaks, or for eating meals. You are welcome to have a family member or friend present during your session if you wish. You may take any photos you like with your phone, but we request that no photos are published on social media until after you receive your edited images from our studios. Any and all photos we take, are only published on social media at your discretion. Commissioned pieces are co-owned with us, and therefore you have the right to disallow publication of any images. Some clients get painted and photographed for themselves only, and that is completely your right. If we want to sell prints of your work, we will always get your permission first.

What is the Body Art Guild?

The Body Art Guild was founded in 2009 as a way for me to connect with those interested in bodypainting as an art form, and build the art of bodypainting in Eastern TN. Membership is open to anyone, but new members are expected to be active in our community at some point in the year. All skill levels welcome, though you will be expected to supply your own paint and tools once you decide to be active in the guild. Anyone wanting to learn more, is welcome to attend some of our meetings to see if we are a good fit. We meet up monthly for fraternizing and paint practice. Occasionally, we will do practice paintings and have Keith photograph our work. We also host body art shows in the Tri-cities, as ticketed events for the public. Some members are full time artists, most have other jobs and paint just for fun. We plan to include classes and learning opportunities for guild members as well, at reduced rates. Mostly, we are a diverse group of fun people who like to hang out to paint and learn.

What is Living Art Tennessee?

Living Art Tennessee is a branch of Living Art America, the entity behind the most prestigious championship bodypainting event in North America. 
We launched Living Art Tennessee with a bodypainting exhibition in Johnson City TN, with 13 artists displaying their amazing designs. Our goal is to bring awareness to this art form, educate artists, develop new artists, bring a wider audience to bodypainting in our region, develop opportunities for amateur and professional bodypainters both in our region and beyond. 
Living Art Tennessee hosts bodypainting exhibitions in Eastern TN, as well as invites a variety of professional/award-winning bodypainters to teach classes throughout the year.
Our first workshop was hosted at my studio, with 5x world champions Madelyn Greco and Scott Fray.

What is your history with bodypainting?

I started down the path to bodypainting in 2004, though I didn’t really know it at the time. I saw a book, created for the “MAC Deck of Cards” published by Assouline publishing when I attended MAC basic training for makeup artistry that year. I was instantly enamored but it wasn’t until 2008 that I started playing with some paints purchased through their company. I started hosting local shows, which led to finally stepping out into the larger international community of bodypainters when I attended NYC Bodypainting Day in 2014. Since then, I’ve placed several times in National competitions and assisted at the World Bodypainting Festival in Austria.
I have painted at Fantasy Fest in Key West for the last two years, and plan to be back in 2017. I work with, and learn from some of the best artists in the industry. It's been quite a journey!

Past achievements:

  • 2014; participated in the first annual NYC bodypainting day
  • 2014; 4th place at Living Art America Greensboro NC competition, emerging artist category
  • 2014; 3rd place at Living Art America in Emerging Artist category
  • 2015; 5th place at Living Art America Greensboro NC competition, open category
  • 2015 2nd place at Living Art America in Emerging Artist category
  • 2015; 1st place at Asheville Fairy Fashion show, bodypainting category
  • 2016; 1st place at Living Art America in UV bodypainting category, ranked 7th overall, out of United States bodypainters ranked 2nd..
  • 2017; 5th place at Living Art America pro category.
  • 2018; Participated in Jan Tana Bodypainting Revolution at the Arnold Classic. Waiting for rankings.